Cities: Skylines

You might say, this is nothing new, this is old news. And you’re right. This game came out nearly 2 years ago!

And yet, this game has recently caught my interests again.

A quick presentation:

Cities: Skylines is everything you would have expected from Sim City 2013. Yet SC2013 was a failure. A few poor choices in gameplay and design and you ruined a whole franchise. But now “first post” about Cities: Skylines (C:S) goes withoug mentioning the shipwreck from Maxis and EA.

One would say that SC2013 died and C:S rose out of the ashes like a phoenix. I would say: SC2013 died and Colossal Order (the developers of C:S) took the ashes and buried them somewhere. And then created their own take on a city simulator. With success!

They now have put out 3 expansion packs, namely After Dark (adding day/night cycle), Snowfall (adding snowstuff) and Natural Disasters (guess what they added here. Hint: it’s not Space travel… (yet)). Out of those 3, I only got the first two. One reason being that after many many hours of building cities I kinda burned out. The other being that natural disasters are not a thing I would like to have, after spending countless hours creating something beautiful.

CS gametime
Time just flies

Anyways, this game comes with almost everything you want: Mods, comprehensible traffic, custom assets, virtually every liberty you ever want. (in a game that is).

In a few further post, I will show you some of my built stuff. Maybe do one or another guide, who knows. I like to believe that the things I do in that game, are nice to look at. Please don’t prove me wrong 😀

One tile Challenge

After almost half a year, I wanted to play again. And I started this with a One-Tile challenge. Simply put: I wanted to build something beautiful in only one tile. Cool right? 😀

Anyways, that’s it for this presentation-like post of Cities: Skylines. But there will be more to come soon!





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