Hello there!

There I go, a fresh start. New everything, no content (yet) and a new (and, believe me, a better premise).

Now what am I talking about? Right. I’m talking about the fact that this blog existed last year, under the same URL but with content only showcasing No Man’s Sky. The three visitors I had, certainly remember it, for being witty, funny and super interesting. (jk)

Why change it? Well mostly, because NMS isn’t a thing anymore (more on that in an elaborated post later).

Secondly, I play many things. Not professionally though. It is kind of a dream, but I lack the discipline to stick to one game only to master it.  Therefore, it would only make sense to show you more than just one thing repeatedly.

Furthermore, I sometimes feel like sharing my thoughts on more than just gaming. Being a renewable energies student, I am in the field of one of the most controversial subjects ever created in human history (slight exaggeration here). Don’t worry though, I won’t go all out politic here, this blog was made to share some fun stuff. And what is funny about the periodic peaks in shitstorm occurrences happening worldwide?

To give you a picture of the person behind this wall of incomprehensible text: I’m Potpourri87 (this is a pseudonym by the way. My parents weren’t that cruel), 29, Renewable Energies Engineer student, living in Luxembourg (now go ahead, google it).

Depending where you live, you might ask “Luxembourg”? Isn’t that in Germany/France/Burkina Faso?” (also, some might even ask “France? Isn’t that on Mars?”). Well it is a small Grand-Duchy (ironic, isn’t it?) next to France, Germany and Belgium. Ironically, The Belgians also have a “Luxembourg” but in their case, it is just a region about 50% bigger than our country. Copycats.

Now that you came all along and read all this stuff about nothing of interest, here are some articles and even categories I plan on developing:

  • Overwatch
  • World of Warcraft
  • to a lesser extent maybe Diablo 3
  • Cities: Skylines
  • Small articles on stuff
  • Maybe some small game reviews
  • Other stuff. Come what may.


If I have caught your attention, stick around, you won’t be disappointed. Or you will be disappointed. Either way, I won’t let you hang in the limbo of whether you like what I write or not.

Have a good one 😊


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