World of Warcraft

Well who would have thought that I play WoW? Surprising, isn’t it?

Again, this is nothing new to the world, and still, as I plan on posting a bit more on my WoW-time, you deserve a bit of a backstory and general information. (just in case you’re interested.)

I started playing back in 2006, when the game was out for a bit. At first I wasn’t that interested, but after Guild Wars became bland, I tried it out. And man was I hooked.

Like 90% of WoW-players, I also played a hunter to begin with. Back then, nightelf, now bloodelf twink I plan on playing somewhere when I have the time.

I did not play continously up until now, it is more of an on-off-relationship. I started again for the release of Legion and I’m having a blast!

At the start of the last expansion, I wanted to go into Shaman heal, since I love healing, and the stress of dps’ing just isn’t for me…

WoWScrnShot_030917_234205 (2)Since then, I have changed my main after 3 weeks into Night Hold. Now I main my priest, which I also played during Cataclysm, Pandaria and shortly in Draenor (after that I just left the game for 1,5 years).

In case you’re interested, here’s my armory link:

Armory (check me out!)

As you can see, I have been blessed with my legendarys, having X’anshi and Velen’s trinket. I’m eternally grateful.

I almost only play holy though, since diclypline doesn’t suit me too well and well shadow is nice to quest with, but that’s it.

My weapon is currently at level 42. I’m lazy, I don’t like to run M+ dungeons more than once a week 😛

But still, I do nicely with itemlevel 897 (items that I wear, not carry in my bags!).

Easily one of my best fights!

What do I do in WoW? I raid. Shortly after I resubbed for Legion, I applied ad the Guild “Blutrausch”, a semi casual raiding guild. ” raid nights a week, good progress, without pressing too much on mythic content.

We cleared the Emerald Dream quite fast (normal and heroic) and managed to kill Helya on heroic on Monday before Night Hold launched.

As for now, we have 9/10 heroic (with normal being cleared in week 1 :D) and on Sunday, we’ll be pushing for Gul’Dan.

Let’s hope the best !

Finally, a capture of my setup. Nothing too fancy, since I prefer to keep it simple. I have a Logitech G 502, and so I have a LOT of stuff bound to my buttons.

Also my editing skills are quite nice too!

I’ll let you guys know how many times we failed on Sunday, and if we managed to kill the boss=)

Until then, have a good one!


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