Blossom Valley: The first steps

I finally got around to start over on my recently designed map Blossom Valley.

After a few initial tweaks on the landscape of the map, I finally got around in laying out the first networks on the tiered plateaus in the south.

Slow, yet steady…
…the citizens move in

I admit, this is just a whole mess of spaghetti though the plateaus. And still, it looks awesome, even in it’s earlier stages of moving in. I chose to put low density residential on these bluffs, but eventually, I will change some of the more prominent places into high density skyscrapers.

This hill formation also works perfectly to showase the new addition: cable cars.

Even when they operate at a strange angle..

Next up: the central city. I scrapped the fertile land to make space for the core of the city. 20170520215728_1.jpg

The left-hand side is mostly high density residential in a grid-like pattern, while the right side is dominated by a double six-lane one-way road surrounded by a monorail tour all around.

Obviously, this is a commercial hub. Getting the Champs-Elysées feeling.

♬ Aux Champs-Elysées, pala palapa ♬

Last but not least, work places, since my cims need some thing to do, and somewhere to drive to. After all, someone must be responsible for traffic jams, right?

Here, we have my first try at a port. Still in it’s baby shoes, as all of the big oil companies haven’t arrived yet. I also wanted to put some decorative container parks in there, but those on the work shop don’t have any containers… they are all empty lots 😦 I think I’ll put some together tomorrow.

Doesn’t look quite like the examples on reddit though…:(

And here we have my quarry. Ready to be zoned. Ready to mine the sweet sweet minerals from the earth.

Filling comes next time!

That’s it for today! I hope that I could inspire some of you, and if not, maybe I’ll succeed next time 😀



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