My wishlist for Cities in 2016. Sadly, nothing like that happened yet…

So while browsing reddit, I saw a few threads considering a wish list for future DLC’s. This reminded me, that in early 2016, I wrote a concept of mine on their forums, and to be sure, I mailed it tto them. Sadly, as you will see, none of those ideas have been implemented yet. Still, this would be so neat to have 😀


Good evening from Luxembourg, dear developers, 

I hope you’ve had a nice start into 2016!
I’m not sure if this is the way you like to hear some feedback/ideas in general, but i’m willing to try my luck. 
A few weeks ago, I had an idea about adding further immersion in the game, by adding sustainability. An idea which in the recent COP21 accord would certainly have it’s “educational value” and furthermore, could add a bit of complexity (if doable), and by that, raw fun.
Here is the copy/paste post from the steam-thread, as well of the post on the paradox-forum, to which I haven’t had the chance to get some kind of feedback. Sadly 😛
Hi there everyone :)
I hope that some of you take the time (and I really hope that among those are some developers) to read a brief idea of mine.
This year I started a Master in sustainable development, and while a lecture on this topic I got the idea: why not add such a feature to Cities?
The theory is this: Sustainability is divided in three parts: Environmental, Economic and Social.
Real sustainability is achieved when these three parts are balanced. Which means: a city generates good money, has a low environmental imprint and treats its people just.

Now how could you introduce this subject (which is the hot topic for a lot of conferences nowadays) into a game like this?
Well via the stuff we already have: Policies, Buildings, Parks, etc…

My ideas for the economic part:
This is quite easy, since the game itself runs off money. You already try to maximise the money output by just optimizing jobs/people, managing traffic etc. This should be no further problem.
Office specialisations for example, would be nice. Maybe something like bank specialisation, which reduces happiness. It’s hard to find a counterpart for this though xD

The social part:
We already have services, which work quite well. We could still add more. Right now we have schools, emergency stuff (police, fire dept. and medical) and parks. Not to forget the public transport systems.
Especially for the school I would find it useful to set a slider whether students would be more focused towards economic, environmental or social studies. This would create a new layer of micromanaging.
Maybe add some policies like hypochondria, which augments money generated by medical clinics, but also their usage. And maybe a reverse policy, like first aid education, costing money but reducing hospital density. (which would make more sense imo)

The environmental part:
Here’s the part which I kind of miss in the game.
Sure, we have some energy-gaining methods, like turbines etc, but the nature-part of the whole is completely missing. In the EU, we have right now a directive which says that 13% of a nation’s surface shall be left natural. This was the thing which I think, is missing here: It’s cool to create cities, but in my experience, leaving a bit of land untouched (or planted with trees and beautified with lakes etc) makes a nice contrast to an urbanized city. (yes I admit, planting tons of trees and adding lakes is not “staying natural”). This could also play on tourism (when it’s fixed).

What I propose for this, is a new district type, called natural reserve. There will be no cars, and nothing is allowed to be build, with exception to walkways, parks etc.

For the energy-part: Add some specialized things.
Like a Biogas-generator, which only takes garbage from agriculture-districts, and turns it in green energy.
More recycling, eg recycling station which filters usable stuff out of garbage and gives those back to the system as raw materials. (oil and minerals)

These three parts could result in a citywide bonus-system, which unlocks stuff for the respective part, but also gives some bonus when all three of them are balanced.
I thought of something like a scale 0-100, where in increments of 10 or 25 you unlock something, and when all 3 of these are in a range of let’s say 20 of each other, you unlock these sustainability bonuses.

I hope you had a good read, and maybe I inspired some of you to develop something like that.
Have a nice day.      

If you’ve had the time to consider this, let me know, I’d be happy to see if this idea was of some use. 

Have a good end of the week,
This was my email, with the ideas I wanted to share.
This was their response, in case anyone would be interested 🙂

“Hi XXX!

Thank you for your interest toward Cities: Skylines and for your feedback. E-mail is a good way to send feedback and we also do follow the forums and collect ideas from there even though we don’t have always enough time to write to the forums ourselves. I’ll forward your ideas to the designers. Happy New Year!
Best regards,
Emmi / Colossal Order”

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