Blossom Valley: Population 100k!

Welcome, welcome, to this new update straight from the officials in Blossom Valley.

It has been long since the last update, and therefore accept my deepest apologies. We are fully aware that the investors need regular updates on the growth of this project. But, we have been busy. Unlike the three-toed sloth named Barbara, we have accomplished a first milestone: 100.000 people thrive in our city!

This did not come without cost, since we have had to invest in new districts to make place for the immigration wave.

The first ajustment to our beloved city was the rearrangement of the middle district. 20170520215728_1.jpg

Due to recent complaints about the district just being put on the ground without care we chose to build the district up from scratch. We send all of our citizens to a 2 week boat journey, while we set our endeavor in motion. And voila, the new face of the central district.


The new and enhanced traffic network now leads the highway almost up at your doorstep. Another innovation was the transition from old-fashioned roundabout towards a more futuristic mean of load distribution: hexagons. All the functionality of a roundabout molded into a newer appearance. That’s what we pay our traffic engineers for! Glorious!

Next up, the different stages of our new residential district, all in honour to the geometrical shape of the year: hexagon city.

Isn’t it beautiful to see how an empty space can become a paragon of symmetrical functionality, while maintaining the beauty of an old town. Naturally, this neighbourhood is connected to the peripheral highways in order to ensure perfect connectivity to the outside and the rest of the town.

Unfortunately, the region boomed more than we thought and thus, we were forced to expand even further. Here’s the project in it’s latest iteration:


All this building left us with a shortage on wood. But we wouldn’t be visionaries if we didn’t come up with a solution to this problem. Blossom Valley is blessed with a volley of trees just waiting to become more. All those years of carbon sequestration finally paid off: We chose them to become timber. The roadwork was quickly laid out and the first canadian lumberjacks quickly set up shop in our humble town. Welcome, eh!


All those buildings and traffic networks and stuff did make our workers hungry. Therefore, we chose to grow local. As progressive Blossom Valley will be, the environment will always have a high priority. And why import food, when we have fertile land at our disposal? This way, we save on traffic loads AND we’re making money at the same time. Doesn’t need a genius to see the benefit there!

Here you have a first glance at what’s to come: fields of juicy fruits and veggies.



In all of those districts, public transport plays a key role, and therefore, we engaged our best and most revered traffic network engineer to plan and realize the implementation and optimisation of trains, metros, cable cars, ferries, monorails and buses!

If you’re still not convinced that you made the right decision in planting your money tree in Blossom Valley, take a trip through the thriving town and see for yourself:

Sincerely yours,

Potpourri, mayor extraordinaire.




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