Decay and Rot: The new adventures of the Necromancer

First off, don’t expect this post to be 100% objective.

I liked the necromancer in D2.

I, like many of you out there, have experienced the content drought for Diablo 3 in the recent months.

Obviously, I was and still am hyped for the Necromancer pack.

Well, with it’s release, naturally the hype and the anticipation wore off, but the awe and simple joy of slicing up anything with a scythe came up in a big way

But how is it, that this class is so much fun?

The aesthetics. It is refreshing, it is gorgeous and it is new. The detail and the variation that went into the necromancer’s skills is amazing. And they succeeded in making the essence of the necromancer  -corpses, bones, rot and decay- appealing. It’s not too gory, but it isn’t unicornland either.

Besides the “new stuff is always cool and better” feeling you almost always get from Blizzard updates, the new hero features 4 entirely news ets, and thus, play styles.

I only have had the chance to get my hands on 2 full sets yet (spoiled right?^^). Rathma’s and Inarius’.

The former is a classic necromancer pet build. You have skeletons and they kill stuff for you. A bit like in the good old days, when you fried your PC with 20+ Skeletons hitting some random zombie.

Nowadays, necromancers are more sophisticated. They prefer quality over quantity. And they summon the skeletons out of thin air and passively. They learned a lot!

Also, you don’t just stand by completely idle, chewing on your sandwich, while your calcified army of death takes care of the bad guys. You curse the ennemies, summon up the occasional cameo of World War Z and you command your skeletons into a killing frenzy. All whilst staying alive. So much fun!

Inarius’ set on the other hand, is a lone wolf build. You defend yourself with a bone armor. Well technically, it isn’t an armor. It’s a tornado made from clavicles and pieces of skulls you just tore of your ennemies. Classic. Takes the “stop hitting yourself”-game to another level. Still, it is incredibly fun running through mobs in a swirling eye of bones while the light smites the monsters from above.

And this is where I see a slight problem.

Inarius 6-piece works well with Mirinae and Pain Enhancer, two legendary gems that scale in damage output with it’s level. This roughly translates to the fact that the higher your damage gems get, the higher the percentage of your damage coming from those gems. This could pose a problem balance-wise with other classes relying on their skills.

But nonetheless, the necromancer is a good new addition to the team. After years and season after another burning out on the 6 classes present before, this is a refreshing new incentive to play again.

For me, I’ll certainly play a necromancer for the next season.




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