Worlds Adrift, where survival meets every little boy’s dreams!

Hello there!
Today, I want to present you a true gem. I was on a quest to find a game to relax to, a little something that I can play alongside my master’s thesis.

So at first, I found the Worlds Adrift island creator. Which was a bit clunky, but I liked the visuals. And When you build an island, you can “test” it. This made me curious.

I knew absolutely nothing about this game, except, that you’re stranded on a network of floating islands. The islands (as I found out later), are the remnants of an explosion of a planet, because of mining some atlas gems. These are the main component to make your ship float!

On my first visit, I was naturally overwhelmed. Apparently knowing how to use your grapple hook is crucial. But after a few steps, a quick check on the 4 tools you have, I felled my first tree. And it promptly fell on my head. Lesson learned.

After a while though, I even managed to put together my first ship!


And this is where my journey began. Hopping mindlessly from island to island, gathering knowledge to improve your shipwright skills. And it is gorgeous!


Knowing that each of these islands are community-made, gives this game a really social flair. As you wander through, you discover a piece of mind of each of the creators. Some, flat islands, as dull as they may seem, prove to be small paradises with plenty of resources. Other islands, scarce in materials, hide away little dungeons for you to explore, even with some very primitive traps!



As for social interactions, you’re quite fast reminded, that trespassing is nothing wished for. With the presence of some griefers, laying siege on the starter zones with advanced ships, people grow cautious, and sadly, people are driven away, by the fact that their very first endeavour ends in a wreckage, just because some kiddos need to prove their dominance..

But this game is fun. It is not the action kind of fun you’d get from playing Overwatch or similar games. It is the satisfaction of curiosity, the quest to find out what’s happened to the world, and to see what lies beyond the next artificial zone borders


And knowing, that, once you discovered every inch of it, you can travel along and find a new place to be.

For me, the best part of this game yet, was when I first set sail to find new land (which took me about 20 min, my ship wasn’t that optimized). Oh and when I found out that you can ride bugs!

Keep in mind that the game is still in beta, and so is the engine apparently. Do expect bugs (the informatics kind), and lags and whatnot. The developers, seem to be behind it:)

But be sure to check it out!

Well that’s all folks 😀




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