Pokemon Go – A letter to Niantic

Dear Niantic, A good year ago, you released one of the major game phenomena in the past years.I, amongst many players have journeyed across our town, no matter how small they are. We came across a few quite rare and awesome experiences. Sadly after a huge burst of internet, the majority of players stopped again after a few months, including me as well as people close to me. With the arena revamp and the addition of raids, I came back, interested in what you have to offer, and I was not disappointed. The new features are fun. Yet, after several … Continue reading Pokemon Go – A letter to Niantic

New Layout! New Stuff!

As a few people mentioned that it is quite counterproductve to have a featured image covering half of the screen, I delved a bit into the available themes and found a better fit =) As always, I appreciate feedback and comments šŸ˜€ Furthermore, I’d like to disclaim a bit my irregularity in posts. I’m currently working on my Master thesis, and therefore, can’t play so much =) On the other hand, I have a few ideas for some more regular content (like a what I did this week in gaming) and a few ideas for one-shot articles. Stay tuned! Continue reading New Layout! New Stuff!